After a glorious summer in New England, I’ve recovered from my injury last Spring. I used this time off climbing to enjoy the finer things in life, teaching a course on Gongfu tea brewing, and going on a canoe trip with my family and friends in Maine.

It was a bummer to be on the ground so long, but the wait will prove it’s worth as I take off for Asia again.

I’ve slowly returned to the sport indoors and out. Luckily, Western Massachusetts provides enough rock to keep me busy. If you’re interested in what’s out there, check out a list of Western Mass climbing spots here.

It’s hard to feel climbing strength gone after months off, but such is the sport. Climbing demands consistent training to hit the next grade… often just to keep your present level.

This Fall 2018 I’m returning to training and am excited to bring you guys new content of climbing beta around the region.

My first stop will be Qingdao, China. My only other visit there before showed me of glimpse of all the Qingdao rock climbing. Get ready for reports of boulders by the sea.

That’s all for now, so keep climbing and stay healthy!