Hanging on a multipitch in Keketuohai

Thanks for your interest in ClimbScout!

I’m Jack, creator of ClimbScout.com, a resource and travel blog about rock climbing around the world.

I have been traveling and climbing as much as possible for the past 6 years. In 2018 I started ClimbScout.

Why ClimbScout?

ClimbScout is about promoting community, health, and sustainability through rock climbing. I hope to better connect travelers with locals around the world by providing this internet resource.

Why Rock Climbing?

Rock climbing is healthy, challenging, and above all fun. Keeping a cool head, moving with precise technique, and staying strong are all vital components to success. It’s the ultimate challenge. Communities exist all over the world to support you, but when you’re clinging to the wall it’s up to you to reach the top.

Climbing brings you into nature, into unique social circles, and into a new sense of accomplishment. We call that the stoke. When I plan a new trip my head immediately goes to climbing.

In my travels, a lot of people tell me “I would try it but I’m afraid of heights”. All the more reason to get out there and conquer your fear. We all psyche ourselves out, shaking out both arms for minutes on end only to yell “take” in hopes of a clean fall. That’s part of the process.

In the process of improving ourselves we learn to empathize with each other. I love conversations with other climbers about routes we’ve both been on because we have been in exactly the same place before. We’ve held the same position and pushed the fear down, the pump out, and the drive forward to continue the same magical sequence called beta. No other activity has quite the same connection.

Rock climbing also makes one more aware of their environment. Many climbers travel from the city or suburbs, through the countryside, and into the wild in search of that perfect line. We love the air, the sights, the smells.

We pick up trash on the trails and get nervous about new developments in our favorite sanctuaries. On a broader note, the current anti-environmental political environment means that it’s more important than ever to stand up and protect what we love.

In the spirit of self development, community building, and environmental protection I choose rock climbing.

How did you get into climbing?

I was inspired to become a rock climber on a trip to Chile in 2014. A local friend invited me to come along for my first real rock experience. There I observed a small group of Spanish climbing couples at the crag. They seemed to float up the cliff, every movement carried with it the precision of an elite athlete.

Communication between the climbers and belayers was seamless, every command elicited an immediate reply. As I chomped away at my energy bar, I saw how they had carried with them fresh produce and bread to make sandwiches right there. What a healthy lifestyle I thought to myself, knowing then that this would become the passion of a lifetime.

In 2015, I had the opportunity to travel around Asia between semesters of intensive Chinese study in Beijing. Motivated by the stories I had heard of rock climbing destinations around the region, I set off to discover them for myself. For 2 months I explored, taking in breathtaking views and meeting amazing people. This trip formed the foundation of what I plan to do with this website.

Rock climbing is a dangerous and potentially life-threatening activity. As conditions change frequently, ClimbScout.com offers no guarantee of the accuracy or completeness of information or content. Consult a certified and experienced professional before engaging in any of the activities described on this website. By using ClimbScout.com you agree to these terms. Stay safe out there! 

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